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My Favorite Parks in Bend Oregon

Did you know that there are more than 80 parks in Bend? There is a ton of variety and something for everyone. I have narrowed these parks down to my 3 favorites, which all offer a unique experience. I would love to hear what your favorite park is in Bend.

#1: Farewell Bend Park

Farewell Bend Park is an iconic Bend park that parallels the Deschutes River in the Old Mill district. My kids loved this park when they were little, and actually still do. It is perfect for families with little kids as it has a large playground and a grassy area to run around. There is also a covered pavilion for large groups as well as restrooms.

Farewell Bend can also be a starting point for walking, running, and bike riding. From this park you can access an unpathed path that goes up the river, crosses a foot bridge, and comes back down the river. It is a few miles long. Farewell Bend is also a starting point for the wide pathed pathway that parallels the river and heads into the Old Mill. There are a few footbridges to cross the river. On the opposite side of the river is a dog park.

This area offers great access for getting in and out of the river on a hot summer day! Parking can be tricky in the summer, so consider parking on the other side of the river, near River Bend park.

#2: Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park is located in the North West corner of Bend. What I love about Shevlin, is that even though you are still in Bend, you can get the feeling that you are out in the middle of nowhere. When we first moved to Bend the trail signs weren’t as good and I got lost when I was out on a run. Fortunately once I found the creek I was able to find my way back. Shevlin park covers almost 1,000 acres and is known for the hiking, biking and running trails. Tumalo creek rambles through the park and offers a great place to cool down in the hot summer months.

The Loop Tail is a 6-mile trail that follows the canyon rim and crosses Tumalo Creek twice. There are a couple of good hills on this trail. The Tumalo Creek Trail is a flat 2.5 mile trail following the creek upstream from the park entrance to the park's southern end, joining the Deschutes National Forest Trail System. These trails also link with the forest service Mrazek Trail which is a popular trail for Mountain Bikers, though runners and hikers are welcome here as well. Shevlin is a fun area to come out and explore, dogs are welcome and love it here too!

There are restrooms available near the main park entrance. You can also access the park from the Shevlin Commons Parking lot. There are also some great residential communities in this area where you can access all of this from your doorstep!

#3: Pine Nursery

Pine nursery is located in the NE corner of Bend. I love Pine Nursery because it is the ultimate sports park. You will immediately notice expansive green sports fields in this 159 acre community park. This park has more than sports fields though, there is a wide array of opportunities here.

There is a large and challenging frisbee golf course that meanders through the high desert landscape. There is a paved walking trail that goes all the way around the circumference of the park making it easy to get your steps in. You will also see 20 pickleball courts that are often getting put to good use.

Something that is truly unique to this park is an enclosed 14 acre off leash dog area. We used to take our puppy here when she was younger and we trained her to walk with us on a trail when she was off leash. She loved it!

There is also a large playground, sand volleyball courts, a fishing pond, and turf soccer fields. This is where the Bend FC Timbers and Thorns practice and play their home games. Another nice feature about this park is that there are plenty of places to park. If you are coming on a hot day be sure to bring plenty of water, there is not a lot of shade in this park.

I hope you have a better sense of a few of our parks in Bend, and remember this is just 3 of our 80 parks! There really is something for everyone, depending on what you are looking for.

If you have any questions related to real estate in the Bend area please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to hear from you!

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