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3 Tips for Relocating to Bend so that you have No Regrets

Are you wanting to relocate your family to Bend Oregon but you are terrified that you are making a big mistake? It’s understandable to feel this way, after all, it’s not just yourself you are moving, it’s your family. Well, I’m going to walk you through 3 tips to buying a home in Bend that will make the experience of relocating less stressful. This video will help you realize that you can purchase a home in Bend with confidence, and without regrets, by following these three tips.

If we haven’t met before my name is Amanda Ferrari and I am a Real estate agent, wife, and mother helping families relocate to Bend Oregon.

Tip #1

Come and visit Bend. Maybe you have already done this, but if not, take a long weekend to come to Bend and get a feel for the layout of the town. You can even look at a few houses while you are here with the intention of simply educating yourselves about the area. You could even consider moving and renting for a while to get an even better sense of where you want to live.

However, there are challenges with renting first, rentals are hard to come by these days. Second, if you have kids it is really nice to get them in the school they plan to attend so they can get settled and not have to keep moving around. Third, there is the packing and unpacking which I’m sure you’d prefer to avoid if possible.

Tip #2

Get pre-approved. This is not always exciting but it is absolutely necessary to meet with a lender in person, on zoom, or even over the phone to get pre-qualified.

It is important that you use a lender in Central Oregon. Local lenders have skin in the game and their reputation is at stake. They may have personal relationships with other local businesses involved in your transaction, such as other realtors, and title companies.

This step is also critical so you know what you can afford. This will help with narrowing down the size and location of your Bend home and save you valuable time!

Finally, your pre-qualification letter shows the seller that you are a strong buyer and are qualified to purchase their home. You don’t want your dream home to slip through your fingers: So do yourself a favor and get prequalified first!

Tip #3

When a home that interests you hits the market, try to come to Bend and see it in person. If there is no possible way you can get here in time, I would encourage you to ask a friend or family member in the area, whose opinion you respect, to go with the agent to look at the house. Your real estate agent can do a video tour and can also do a video recording. Homes have an energy and feeling that you can get a sense of over video, but it is really best captured in person!

Hopefully the process of relocating to Bend doesn’t seem as terrifying. Families relocate to Central Oregon all the time and you can do it too! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about anything related to real estate in Bend Oregon.

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