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  • Amanda Ferrari

How To Hit Your Home Buying Goals This Year!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

By: Amanda Ferrari

January , 2022

Here are 4 steps to hit your homebuying goals this year!

1. Save for your down payment. While a down payment of 20% or more does have benefits, the typical buyer is putting far less down. To help reach your saving goals, automate your checking account to set aside a portion of each paycheck to go directly into your home buying fund. 2. Work on your Credit Score. Your Credit Score impacts your future home loan. Consider credit monitoring so you can keep track of your spending record and improve your credit score.

3. Work with a real estate professional. Connect with someone you trust so you have expert advice on how to reach your goals throughout the process. I like to educate my clients about the local real estate market so they can make informed and confident decisions about their future. These are big decisions and it is never too early to start looking.

4. Finally, get pre-approved. Contact a local loan officer to get a pre-approval letter. This way you will know how much you can borrow. When you find the house you love, you will need to act quickly, so having that pre-approval letter ready is key to writing a compelling offer. There are several excellent lenders in Bend and I can help you find a mortgage professional to work with.

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